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Fallen Riders Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 dedicated to helping riders and their families through generous donations of our sponsors and brothers and sisters on the road.

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It is the mission of Fallen Riders Foundation to provide immediate assistance to fallen riders (and their families) of two and three wheeled vehicles  in the event of incapacitation or death.
The purpose is to honor all riders:
•    In the event of death by preventing   burial in a pauper’s grave due to legal time constraints when there is a delay in contacting next of kin and/or their ability to make appropriate arrangements themselves.
•    In the event of incapacitation to assist the family in financial need to transport the injured to a care facility near the next of kin.
•    We will help educate all riders of the need to have legal documents in place.
•    We encourage all riders to carry an information card with their driver’s license indicating

  • Emergency contact information

  • Any known allergies

  • The location of the last will on file and/or healthcare proxy


“When my fiancé died in a motorcycle accident in June 2007, aspects of law that we had never considered…or had taken for granted…became a quagmire I had to navigate while still in shock.  Without the friends he rode with, I would have never made it through and he would have been buried without ceremony in a pauper’s grave.  In the tradition of paying it forward and helping the next rider in need, the Fallen Riders Foundation was born”

-Deborah Halstead



Fallen Riders Foundation
16230 Hubbs Road
Pride, Louisiana 70770

(225) 335-2909

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